Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Neeley Remmers

Have you ever been asked the question, “Oh, you’re getting your PhD, what do you plan on doing with that?” I get asked that question on average 5 times week or more when I’m trying to explain to someone outside of scientific research what it is I do. Explaining the career-path of a scientist is no easy task because quite frankly, there is no defined career-path like for our profession like there is for other professions. For example,  if you’re ambition was to become an M.D. the path is has been cleared for you – you go to medical school, take your boards, do a residency, complete a fellowship, and finally get a position as an attending physician. However, for those of us who either have or are obtaining our PhD’s in science, there is no yellow-brick road for us to follow. Ask any professor or senior scientist how they got to their current position and you’ll find that no two career paths are the same.

One reason for the lack of a clearly defined path may be because there are so Continue reading “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”